One for the boys, I opened Bleu de Chanel and immediately liked the aromatic fragrance omitting from the bottle, but I decided it was only fair my hubby to try out this one.

Created in 2010 by the renowned nose of Chanel, Jacques Polge – Bleu de Chanel has an air of freshness, and manages to evoke images of sporting prowess combined with the lulling waves of the ocean. This marine/sports combination has been done plenty of times before, but Bleu de Chanel has a plethora of other elements which are expertly combined to make an intoxicating fragrance.

The ingredients are varied and interesting. There’s labdanum which is derived from the Cistus plant (more commonly known as Rock Rose). The plant grows in very dry environments such as North Africa, and produces an unattractive gluey brown sap. However, it’s the sap that’s responsible for the musky, leathery scent.

There’s also Sandalwood – providing a warm, woody aroma and cedar too. Cedar wood is use to make pencils too, and it provides the fragrance with a delicate woody edge. You will also find nutmeg and ginger. Nutmeg offers up a sweet and spicy tang that sits well with its earthiness, I would go so far as to say that nutmeg has almost oriental qualities. Then there’s ginger with its warmth and exotic edge. Together they add richness and add something extra to this masculine fragrance.

As for other ingredients there’s patchouli (which proffers grassy and earthy green notes), pink pepper (adds a sweet, rosy tang with a hint of spice), mint (cooling and refreshing), and jasmine (powerful and vibrant). That’s already a substantial list, but we’ve even more to add to it! There’s grapefruit and citrus (tart, tangy and slightly bitter), vetiver with its grassy airiness, and finally incense – known to be woody and spicy.

All-in-all this complex fragrance packs a pretty decent punch. Potent yet fresh, musky and deep but a little bit playful too – there are plenty of layers to uncover.