What defines a modern woman? Some might say it’s a woman who isn’t afraid to showcase individuality, a woman who accepts she had strengths and weaknesses, a woman that’s capable and knows what she wants from life.

Carolina Herrera evidently created Good Girl with the modern woman in mind, but at first glance I found the choice of name a little odd. After all, “good girl” does sound a little patronising! However, when we delve deeper, we find that Good Girl has actually been designed to celebrate the versatility of the modern woman.

Good Girl applauds the fact that women can be fearless and sexy, graceful and mysterious, and also good and bad (being good all of the time is such hard work)! Why shouldn’t woman should push boundaries and pursue their dreams? Why shouldn’t woman do as they please?

Enough of the psychology behind the fragrance, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Good Girl smells good, more than good actually, Good Girl smells great! A compelling scent that draws you in, you can wear this fragrance both day and night.

Good Girl is fruity, with a mesmerizing almond hum. You will also find a generous helping of floral notes, courtesy of Tuberose and Jasmine, and you can’t miss the oriental influence and rich depth provided by roasted Tonka beans and Cocoa. We couldn’t possibly talk about Good Girl without mentioning the unique bottle. The scent comes encased in none other than a midnight blue shoe, complete with a towering gold stiletto heel! The seductive packaging matches the intoxicating scent of the fragrance, it’s sweet but also dark, light but also rich, a perfume of contrast perhaps? A perfume that strikes a note with women who believe you can be feminine and powerful, friendly and strong. Good Girl has a lot to offer, and as a bonus it’s served up in a glitzy shoe – what’s not to like?