Another perfume from the renowned brand Chanel – how could I resist?  I’m expecting greatness, after all Chanel Chance has been lovingly created by Jacques Polge, the Chanel perfumier responsible for the likes of Chanel Allure and Coco Mademoiselle.

Launched in 2002, Chanel Chance differs from its counterparts, offered in a spherical bottle (rather than a square one) and without the trademark black, white or beige packaging we’ve come to associate with the Chanel brand.

Described as unpredictable and optimistic I’m intrigued to try this one, and luckily, I’m not disappointed. The aroma is achingly floral, and envelops you from the moment you apply the scent. There’s pink pepper, which is produced from the vibrant pink fruit of the evergreen tree. Contrary to the name, pink pepper has no peppery smell at all, instead it proffers a stirringly fresh and spicy-sweet fragrance. There’s also citron – refreshing and zingy.

Chanel Chance contains iris (mystical and providing an air of fragility) and jasmine (a key ingredient in many a gorgeous perfume). Jasmine is referred to by some as the King of Flowers, high praise indeed, but I fully understand why, both sweet and strong, it offers such a powerful aroma that’s its hard to ignore.

Hyacinth adds another layer to Chanel Chance, and is reminiscent of a spring day – fresh green fields and newly opened blooms. Vetiver adds to this verdant landscape, contributing a grassy aroma, and vanilla brings a touch of lightness, with its gentle sweetness. Strength is provided in the form of amber patchouli – deliciously stout with a musky darkness that delivers depth and a daring edge. Chanel Chance manages to balance these diverse components well, together they create an intoxicating essence that delivers as promised – sanguinity and positivity, with a cheery disposition. There’s a young feel to this scent, although I don’t feel too old (thank goodness) to appreciate it! As it goes, I’m more than willing to take a chance on Chanel Chance!