I’ve heard this offering from Chanel described as “easy to wear,” so I’m keen to try out CoCo Mademoiselle for myself. Launched back in 2001 and aimed at a younger audience, the fragrance house that brought us the pivotal Chanel No 5 decided it was time for a new kid on the block.

Jacques Polge (the nose of Chanel from 1978 to 2015) created CoCo Mademoiselle to capture the lifeforce of the modern women – free-spirited and charismatic. It promises to be bold and strong, vibrant and unflinching (which could be considered to be in contrast to its “easy to wear” demeanour).

As I tentatively apply it to my skin, I’m not sure what to expect, but I am rewarded with an oriental aroma that is both vivacious and fresh. There’s an unmistakable citrus tang – orange permeates and provides a rousing wake up call. Jasmine provides a rich, sweet bouquet and rose provides a little old-fashioned romance.

On top of this quixotic blend there’s strength in the form of the woody and earthy patchouli, along with the cleanliness of fresh grass, courtesy of vetiver. Vanilla adds a smooth sweetness and tonka bean (black seeds of a South American tree with  vanilla undertones) adds something a little extra.

Altogether this is an intoxicating mix – oriental and woody, sweet and sensual. It has a light enough touch to be wearable during the day – for business and pleasure, but packs enough of a punch to wear in the evening too. I feel the “easy wear” label is well-deserved and CoCo Mademoiselle could be a staple for your dressing table.

Will it overtake Chanel No 5 in the popularity stakes? The powerhouse scent remains a favourite almost a century on, so it’s a hard act to follow. However, I get the impression CoCo Mademoiselle isn’t challenging for the title – it’s got it’s own followers, and it’s just found another – me!