Creed Aventus is billed as a scent inspired by historical emperor. This sounds a touch dramatic to say the least. I had my reservations, pondering how a fragrance could tap into the life and times of a man who instigated fierce battles, founded peace and instigated romance, all with thrilling abandon. However, Creed Aventus somehow manages to embody such drama with gusto.

Creed Aventus is unusual in the sense that it has a fruity demeanour (not always considered apt for a male scent). There’s the undeniable aroma of tangy blackcurrant, zesty pineapple and Calville Blance apple. This takes nothing away from its masculinity, if anything it adds a refreshing dimension that more perfumes for men would do well to embrace.

The tartness of the fruit is paired wonderfully well with the more down to earth and ruddier odours. There are musky, earthy and mossy tones. These are provided in the main by Patchouli and result in an air of confidence and attitude. Some may call it cocky, but when we think back to the inspiration behind this fragrance (our surly emperor) we can surely forgive its egotistical stance.

There’s Italian Bergamot, which provides warmth and a sensuality that’s hard to miss. Plus, a hint of roses and Jasmine blossom that add a subtle sweetness. This no doubt ticks the box headed “romance.” Least we forget our emperor may have been tough on the outside, but on the inside, he was a bit of a softy!

Sophistication springs onto the scene in the form of oak moss, ambergris and a tiny, tantalising flourish of vanilla. This is a heady mix indeed and it provides Creed Aventus with the where-with-all to stand out as a modern classic.

Creed Aventus is a contemporary offering, which seems at odds with its bygone influence. It might not turn you into an emperor, but Aventus Creed will evoke a feeling of self-assurance and power.  Aventus Creed is Creed’s signature 250th anniversary offering – and we think it’s worth celebrating.