The bottle is relatively simple, pretty in pink, its title outlined by a modest black border. It’s the packaging that gives the game away, swathed in flowers (with a butterfly or two for good measure), the box gives more than a subtle hint as to how Gucci Bloom will fair.

I’m interested to see what Alessandro Michele has come up with, appointed as creative director of Gucci back in 2015 he is now in control of the Gucci brand, and Gucci Bloom is the first fragrance to spring from his creative loins.

Michele collaborated with master perfumer Alberto Morillas to create a perfume inspired by the vitality, versatility and diversity of women. This seems to be a sound move considering we are in an era where gender equality is at the forefront of many a conversation. So, does Gucci Bloom meet the brief?

As I take in the evocative scent, I find myself in an abundant garden, with well-stocked borders that are full to the brim with gorgeous blooms. Fragrant tuberose, harvested from India as it turns out, stands out. The aroma is both intoxicating and gracefully feminine in equal measure.  

There’s jasmine too, which is usually both sweet and rich. However, the jasmine used here is actually jasmine bud extract, which has been collected through careful co-extraction. Therefore, there’s a tangy scent which reminds me of fresh greenery and delicate petals.

There’s something else, something new that I (excitingly) have never even heard of before! Gucci Bloom introduces us to the Rangoon Creeper, a rare flower of Southern Indian origin that is making its debut in the world of perfumery. In the wild this exotic vine is decorated with pretty red flowers that come to life in the evening, seductively calling to nocturnal pollinators such as moths and beetles. As I dab on Gucci Bloom I pause for a moment, I hope I’m not going to attract attention from the likes of those critters!

My fears are (thankfully) unfounded, the Rangoon Creeper merely serves to add a sweet and fruity aroma (evocative of honeysuckle). In fairness the scent is strong, but not in an overpowering way. The Rangoon Creeper has earned its place, it can stay!

So, does Gucci Bloom meet the brief? It’s a yes from me. Gucci Bloom packs a floral punch that reminds us as women we can be both delicate and sassy, whimsical and straight down the line. Flower power? Why not.