Tom Ford Black Orchid could be described as somewhat evocative – from its sleek black bottle to the name of the fragrance and what it represents, it’s all a bit racy. Orchid comes from the Greek word orchis, which means testicle, and have you noticed how the orchid has a rather phallic shape to it? There’s no surprise that the flowering plant is linked to virility

With all this talk of phallic shapes, testicles and virility I had illusions that Tom Ford Black Orchid would be a scent best suited to macho types. However, it’s actually a unisex fragrance. Not one for shying away from a chance to embrace my sensual side I decide to give it a try.

Tom Form Black Orchid is both warm and lascivious, with a hint of sweetness.

There’s sumptuous black truffle, offering sophistication and opulence. You’ll also find sweet and rich French jasmine, sitting happily alongside patchouli with its powerful, musky, darkness.

This is classy stuff, with a hint of danger, and I must admit it’s arousing my senses! Ylang-ylang oil adds a weighty fruity and floral overtone and there’s a whiff of blackcurrant, which is both fruity and woody. Citrus (a juicy tang of orange, lime and lemon) has been added too for good measure.

I delve a little deeper and get the earthiness of sandalwood and the grassy aroma provided by vetiver. There’s also amber, offering up a musky fullness combined with a hint of honey, a cheeky floral hit (courtesy of balsam) and the distinctive butter-like softness of vanilla. Tom Ford Black Orchid has incense too, and even a little bit of dark chocolate, indulgence is the byword here.

All of this adds up to an alluring mix. Tom Ford Black Orchid is spicy and dark, and dare I say a little bit naughty. It has sexual undertones – and as it’s a unisex fragrance you can share it with your lover – be that a man, woman, or both!